Daytona USA 2 - 4 - 6 Seater 

Feel The Speed of Daytona USA, as you rocket around the tracks, at speeds of up to 300KPH, this is a hyper-speed real time 3D simulation. 

Daytona USA features four Virtual Reality buttons, that enable you to view your car from different perspectives.

Storm Racer 

Introducing Sega Storm Racer, a brand new electric paced racing game, taking arcade racing to a whole new level.

Promising a super fast driving experience like no other, Storm Racer is linkable up to 8 players, features a panoramic 42” HD LCD screen producing perfect graphics, and is suitable for beginners to experts thanks to its Auto/Manual drift mode. 

The sheer size of the game separates it from its arcade racer rivals, with 12 large tracks and 14 cars to explore and discover, making Storm Racer the ultimate arcade racing competition.

Grid Racing 

A gorgeous modern arcade racer, Sega Grid was produced in conjunction with racing-game experts Codemasters and is the new benchmark for driving games.

Sega promise you the race of your life in this game and with some of the world’s fastest, most desirable and luxurious cars to choose from, including the Pagani Zonda, Aston Martin DBR9, and Bugatti Veyron, it is not hard to see why. What’s more, Sega have combined an incredible choice of vehicles with stunning and life-like world-famous tracks, including Donington Park, Spa Francorchamps and Okutama.

Players also have the option to truly test their skills by racing on the narrow streets of San Francisco, Milan and Detroit. With Grid it’s all about the race – offering the most complete arcade racing experience available. Other essential features include detailed and realistic car damage, unparalleled feature lighting and a sleek cabinet design.

There's even a central monitor for the 4-player version showing all of the participant’s faces for a real competitive edge!

Ferrari 355 - 4 Seater 

Sega have implemented actual driving data, such as G-Force and car handling, with the assistance of professional drivers to make this game. Add to this some very demanding physics and sophisticated images, and you could almost believe you were driving the pride of Italy. The graphics, of course, are great. The control, while exacting, is precise.

All in all, if you're the biggest Ferrari fan in the world and lack the funds to buy the real car, go ahead and rent this can link up to 8 drivers.

Outrun 2 

A brilliant arcade racer, Sega Outrun 2 is a recent release that boasts beautiful graphics, stunning game play. Still further enhanced by our addition of a flat screen conversion and plush race car seats.

There is a large a selection of some of the world’s finest and fastest sports cars, including the Ferrari Enzo and F50.

Loyal to its popular predecessor, Outrun 2 is similar to the race format offered in the original Outrun, based around high speed, drifting and good fun.

With a superb soundtrack to drive to, this is the complete arcade racing experience, and is fantastic to play alone or with friends in versus mode.

Rally 2 - 4 Seater 

Race your car around the tracks and earn extra time by reaching checkpoints. There are two modes: Practice and Championship. In Practice mode, you race against one or more cars by selecting one of four tracks and racing a number of laps. In Championship mode you race an equal number of laps per course and each successive track becomes more difficult. You compete against 14 other cars that are either computer or player controlled. 

There is also a View Change button that lets the player choose between two different driving perspectives: behind the car and inside the car. The tracks are as follows: Desert (easy), Mountain (medium), Snow (expert), and Riviera (Final).

Club GTI 

A highly entertaining driving game, Konami GTI Club’s unique selling point is it’s variety of game modes. 

Players can compete in traditional races through the streets of numerous different cities, where several short-cuts allow for quicker times and overtaking. 

Conversely, for those looking for a different type of driving experience, players can also choose the party-modes, including car football, bomb tag, money run, and the very popular La Tomatina, in which players race around the streets shooting tomatoes at each other!

This game provides endless hours of enjoyment.

Race TV 

Sega’s latest driving game, Sega Race TV is a turbocharged, adrenaline-pumping experience, perfect for racers looking to drive at breakneck speeds through dynamic and challenging landscapes.

With an all-American style theme, the focus in this high-intensity game is purely on speed and power. Players can choose famous licensed cars from Muscle, Hot-Rods, Exotic, and Sports genres in which to race in, including Chevrolet Corvettes and Camaros, as well as Ford Mustangs. This is certainly one for the “petrol-heads”.

Cars can also be customized and tuned for optimum performance and speed, while Sega Race TV’s most unique aspect, it’s boost system, further increases the game’s rapid tempo. Players can press the boost button, located beneath the gearshift, for a sudden burst of extreme velocity to take them past rival drivers.

Rival competitors are not the only challenge players will face on the track; Watch out for trucks, obstacles and other hindrances, including an unruly Statue of Liberty! Great fun for racing fanatics of all ages.


Another extreme high-octane racer from Sega, R-Tuned is set on the streets and puts you behind the wheel of one of 25 tricked out drift or muscle cars from the US and Japan. Experience wild street racing as you tear through New York, Hong Kong, Shinjuku and Shinbuya (both Japan). Each city has 4 courses to race for a total of 16 unique tracks. With a pulse pounding soundtrack, unlimited nitrous boost, and ability to link 4 players at the same time, there is much fun to be had. Fly through the streets in this ultimate street racer!

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